Why Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is So Important

I spent this weekend getting very wet, very tired and a long, long way outside of my comfort zone.

You see some months ago I agreed to run in an off road obstacle course somewhere outside of Bristol.   I’d put it to the back of mind and had largely forgotten about it until a couple of weeks ago.

Then it hit me.

I’d done hardly any training, and certainly not the right sort of training.   Whatever that might be.

I didn’t want to do it, but I knew I had to.

I’d already told my friends and family I was running so there was no way I was going to lose face.   (Proving to me also that accountability definitely works!)

I knew I had to pull on my big girl pants, suck it up and get on with it.

After an hour or so of running around some Bristolian farmer’s fields, getting soaked wet through, being chased by giant pigeons, falling into several containers of muddy water and charging up the Gladiator inspired Travelator (first time, I may add) I was given my medal for completing the course.

And damn, it felt good.

You see, running just isn’t my thing.

Nor are obstacle courses.

And I don’t especially enjoy running around fields with my hair up and no make up on.

But the buzz was real.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone Neale Donald Walsch


It would have been easier to have not gone.

Or maybe just gone to the gym instead.

But by doing something which I wouldn’t normally do and by facing my fears head on I experienced a real feeling of accomplishment.  

I won’t lie; it felt good.

Really good.

So good that I’ll probably do it again next year.

(Although I’ll do the longer version next year as that’ll again be outside of my you-know-where).

What could you do to get out of your comfort zone?

Go and do something which scares you.

Really make yourself feel uncomfortable.

You’ll be surprised of the benefits that it’ll bring.

You will grow as a person, gain new experiences, become more confident, and even enrich your life.

Go and try something new.

The very worst that can happen is that you’ll fail.

So what?  You’ll gain some important feedback for the next time.

You tried.

You probably also learned that maybe it wasn’t quite as scary as you first thought.

You see, when we face our fears they disappear.

So go and get outside of your comfort zone.

And at least you probably won’t get cold and wet in the process like I did….

Oh, and if you’d like to see more of the challenge I did then check out the video below.   And if you want to join me in 2018 then you can get your tickets here.

See you at the top of the Travelator!


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