Brilliant Beauty Business Boot Camp

So the Brilliant Beauty Business Boot Camp is live and has already created its first graduates!

Ten incredible weeks of learning, five bumper modules and live Q&A calls with Ryan to ensure that nobody gets left behind.

Here is what a couple of the first graduates had to say about the course…

Here’s one from Gina…

“I knew there was a lot of things I could be doing, or should be doing, to move my business forward. But knowing if it’s the right way, or having the confidence to actually do it is another thing entirely! The course has given me a focus and a plan which I threw myself into. Nothing ventured, nothing gained after all! It has been a lot of hard work and took many hours but it had been so worth it. Straight away I have seen my hard work paying off.

I have have an almost fully booked January already, which just doesn’t happen! And so many new clients coming in from Google searches. The engagement on my Facebook page has tripled or more! And I am getting more and more inspiration for email/blog ideas as time goes on.

I was so nervous of sending emails at first, but it really is working… people actually want to hear from me! My confidence has rocketed, my clients are commenting on all the great new stuff and it had inspired me to continue with everything I have learned throughout the course.

Not to mention the support has been phenomenal! Every question and query has been answered along the way.

Would 100% reccomend the course to anyone who wants to take their skills and business to the next level.

As for figures; my website visits are up 63%. 1169 of which are from searches! I had 0 before the course started. 604 people have viewed me on Google maps; I wasn’t even on Google maps before! I have also doubled my subscribers. A lot more work is still to be done but it has launched me fully into the right direction! Thank you so much Ryan!”

And here’s what Debbie had to say…

“My business was going stale! It needed a new perspective and that’s what I got from this course – I now look at it in a different perspective and and don’t just focus on one means of getting the word out there.

I thought I had exhausted all avenues of marketing but learnt so many new things in each module which are extremely easy to follow. I am a complete novice at anything technical and even I could follow this, I’ve learnt so much that I wouldn’t of had a clue about before, which is taking my business from strength to strength. Ryan makes you feel very comfortable and is very approachable, thank you Ryan!”


  • 100% of the BETA testers who answered our survey said that it was ‘extremely likely’ they’d recommend it to others in the industry
  • 100% said that they were ‘extremely likely’ to do another course based on this and
  • 100% rated the value for money as “excellent”

The Brilliant Beauty Business Boot Camp can genuinely transform your business.

If you’d like to be the first to know when enrolment opens next, just click here.

We hope you are our next success story!

Hollie Power Salon Business Coach

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My goal is to help others achieve more with their beauty businesses through growth, sales and marketing. I like to see it as adding some sparkle to the beauty world.

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