Become A Nail Expert

Do nails make up a part of your business?

Would you like to get an advantage over your local competition?

Is it time to take your nail knowledge to the next level?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, then I’ve some exciting news for you!

My friend Ela Loszczyk has just released her FREE training, The Nail Shapes and Structures Masterclass.

In his free video series you will learn;

  • The 6 pillars of the perfectly structured nail
  • The golden rule of the form application – so it will never be a problem again!
  • The easiest STRATEGY of APEX PLACEMENT – create beautiful nail structure EVERY TIME
  • The 10-step FILING TECHNIQUE – create those SLEEK, NATURAL looking nails
  • The KEY things to create ANY Shapes on ANY type of natural nail, such as HOOKED and BITTEN

Whatever your current level of nail expertise there will be so much to learn in this free video training series.

Who is Ela, anyway?

Ela Loszczyk is a well-known nail expert, UK Nail Champion, Scratch Stars Awards Winner, competition judge, International Master Educator and author of “Win The Nail Game” and “The Nail Shapes and Structure Compendium

A bona fide nail expert and someone we could all learn a thing or two from!

So why not invest some time into yourself and your business and check out Ela’s free video training by clicking here and signing up for her masterclass.

You’ll be glad you did (your competition might not be so glad, however)!

Ela Loszczyk

Hollie Power Salon Business Coach

About Hollie

My goal is to help others achieve more with their beauty businesses through growth, sales and marketing. I like to see it as adding some sparkle to the beauty world.

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