Worried you've missed deadline for GDPR?
Scared by the headlines about huge fines for non-compliance?
Feeling anxious that you're out of your depth?
Just follow our 5 steps and you'll be fine :)
Although the risk of you being fined the maximum €20m is very low, the increased sanctions reflect the seriousness of compliance and it's very important that you can demonstrate that you are at least working towards GDPR compliance.
Step 1
Watch our video
We are not lawyers or solicitors.  
We are just small business owners like you.
We are not qualified to give you legal advice.
Instead, do what we did.
We took legal advice from this lady.
She is small business law expert and GDPR supremo, Suzanne Dibble.
She can help you.
She has even made this rather wonderful webinar replay available to you without any charge at all.
Here's what you'll learn...
  •  What GDPR is exactly and why and how it effects you as a small business owner (and assuming you collect any data about your clients then it does effect you!)
  •  Why many of the headlines you've read about GDPR are wrong and what you should believe instead
  •  What you need to do before the 25th May deadline to ensure GDPR compliance for you and your business
  •  Why you don't need to panic provided that you take Suzanne's qualified advice
Step 2
Watch Suzanne's video
Put the kettle on, turn Facebook off and grab a pen and pad first
The link to the pack Suzanne mentions is underneath the video for you :)
Feeling a little better, now?
Thought so :)
3 steps to go...
Step 3
Grab Suzanne's Compliance Pack (like we did)
The closest you can get to done-for-you without ridiculous legal bills!
Legal bills are expensive!  But sadly this is very important and won't go away.  Don't bury your head in the sand.   Get started TODAY.
  • Access to 20 legal template documents and checklists all prepared by a qualified legal expert (worth thousands if you had them drawn up for yourself)
  • Complete peace of mind that you'll be operating lawfully and in no danger of penalties or fines
  • Access to Ryan and Hollie's bonus video on the steps they've taken to ensure compliance
Step 4
Join Suzanne's Facebook group
Daily videos added on GDPR and get all your questions answered
Step 5
Watch these additional videos you might find helpful
All available for free once you've joined Suzanne's group :)
In the interests of full disclosure, we want you to know that when you purchase Suzanne's legal pack she'll pass a very small affiliate payment to us.  With that said, it's important for you to know that we recommend it not because of this but because we've bought one ourselves, it's excellent and it will take away a lot of potential pain for you.

As a thank you, however, when you purchase through the above link and email your receipt to hello@holliepower.com then we'll make available a bonus video for you explaining exactly how we're implementing our interpretation of GDPR in our business.

This will only be available to people who purchase through the above link and will not be shared anywhere else.

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